Week 5: Following Jesus on the Path of Peace

After reading several chapters of Luke, worshiping Jesus for his faithfulness, we’re considering a practical step and how all of these elements can contribute to our sense of peace.

Today we’re thinking about prayer and how we follow Jesus’ example when we pray.

Now it happened that as he was praying alone, the disciples were with him…
(Luke 9:18)

We’ve read that Jesus often took time to pray in solitude, but this time the disciples were with him. We’ll see him ask them to pray with him in the Garden of Gethsemane. As we’ve already read, Luke gives us more glimpses of Jesus in prayer than any other Gospel.

Today we’ll look at all of them. Grab your Bible and page through Luke.

Luke 3:21

Luke 5:16

Luke 6:12

Luke 9:18

Luke 9:28-36

Luke 10:21

Luke 11:1-4

Luke 22:17, 19

Luke 22:32

Luke 22:41-44

How do you most often pray?

  • Reading a list of requests
  • Reading a prayer from Scripture or some other source
  • Talking to the Lord now and then throughout your day about what is happening around you
  • Choosing a time to just be with Jesus, talking to him about whatever comes to mind at the time
  • Praying out loud with other people
  • Praying in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep
  • Praying about events in the news

Mix it up a little and pray in a different way this week!

Peace be with you

Was there anything in these chapters that gave you peace this week? Or did they encourage you to be a peacemaker as you interact with others?

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