We’re going to be reading the entire Gospel of Luke over the next three months. This takes a certain level of determination.

My biggest hurdle in Bible study is often that I value it too highly. Let me explain. I want to be awake and alert when I read the Bible. For this reason, I don’t read it the moment I get out of bed. I’ve tried that. I had no memory of what I read.

But as I go about the rest of my day, sometimes I think, “I have time to read my Bible right now, but I could be more alert. I could be more focused. I’ll wait until later.”

And often that Attitude of Absolutely Alert and Ready to Study never quite arrives. I want to give God my best, but some days I don’t have a Best.

I chose this photo of my tiny rose because it shows me determination. In spring and autumn, its blooms are twice as big. But in the summer when the desert heat is far from the ideal rose weather, the rose blooms anyway. They’re not the biggest blooms, not the brightest blooms, and they wither in one day. But it keeps blooming anyway.

I want this same determination in Bible study–to do it whether the conditions are ideal or not. Maybe I won’t have the biggest most amazing discovery in the Word today, but I will spend time with Jesus.


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