Questions and Answers

Q. Do you have a discussion group online?
A. Yes, it’s a Facebook group. Look for Luke: The Path of Peace Discussion Group.

Q. When does the online discussion group begin?
A. You can join now, but we’ll start discussing the book on September 18, 2018.

Q. Do I need to buy the book? Can I just read my Bible and the blog?
A. Yes and no. 🙂 The blog will give you a weekly post, including several chapters of Luke to read, an attribute that Jesus demonstrates in those chapters, and a spiritual discipline to ponder as a step to spiritual growth. The book holds those same weekly posts, with the addition of five daily readings, spreading the chapters of Luke throughout the week. The daily readings have prayer suggestions, definitions and study questions.

Q. Is the book available on Amazon Prime?
A. Yes, but sometimes it takes three or four days to ship instead of the usual two, especially if you are ordering ten or twenty books at a time for a group.

photo credit: Elf-8 Je peux y toucher/I can touch it/Jag kan röra det via photopin (license)

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